How to Prepare

You can do some things to help your day go smoothly.

By bringing some important items and following some simple guidelines, you help make your procedure as safe and effective as possible.

We do our best to make you comfortable and keep things moving on the day of your surgery. The more you have ready, the easier that is. Take a look at this checklist to help you prepare for your visit. Your physician will let you know if there are any special items or instructions specific to your procedure.

Be Prepared

  • What to Bring
    • Drivers license or photo ID
    • Insurance card
    • Co-payment
    • A complete list of your current medications
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing and easy fitting shoes
  • Do not wear make-up, jewelry or any perfume or lotion
  • Leave all valuables at home
  • Wear glasses instead of contact lenses – and remember the case for your glasses
  • Refrain from smoking on the day of surgery